Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Creative Mullumbimby - The success story

Creative Mullumbimby Inc. is a volunteer community organisation which aims to enhance the Mullumbimby cultural life. The town-ship, hinterland and Brunswick River valley, has a unique and vibrant quality - creativity is at the heart of this uniqueness.

The mission of Creative Mullum is to:

  •  Manage community art, installations and festivals
  • Create art education opportunities
  • Appreciate existing built environment and history
  • Liaise and engage with other community groups and government agencies
  • Develop strategy and influence policy to enhance a creative Mullumbimby
  • Preserve the special characteristics of the town.



Creative Mullumbimby evolved from Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce meetings. 

In 2014 Creative Mullum submitted a development application for the sculpture Enter Here which sits on a road reserve. The DA included not just the entry sculpture site but multiple sites throughout Palm Park and Brunswick Terrace as far as Federation Bridge. Council approved 13 sites, seven of which are for permanent sculptures and another six for temporary installations of up to three months. In effect it provides a site for cultural events such Ingenuity Fest. Designed by Suvira McDonald, Enter Here the gateway sculpture, was installed in April 2016 after a massive effort to fundraise and production of the ambitious work with a team of volunteers. 
After receiving funding support from Create NSW a program of works and education was undertaken, resulting on a public art appreciation forum and subsequently a public art production course for aspiring artists. Both educational initiatives were supported by Byron Community College. Also a pilot project supported by Mullum Chamber of Commerce, which transformed an existing derelict Council barbecue resulted in Riparian Washout by local artist Raven Esque.This project was followed up with the Spirit of Chincogan  commission.
Our group also acquired funding to produce a ‘Solar Ark’ - a mobile workshop facility which can be relocated as required and provide on site power and tools to support many types of events. The Solar Ark is currently being fitted out by our team technicians and wizards. Ark made its maiden appearance at the Mullum Music Fest and provided on site support for the Community sculpture workshop where sculptors of all ages were able to transform random junk into sculpture by welding, glue-ing and other modes of assembly.
In November 2018 Creative Mullum partnered with Mullum Music Fest and held Ingenuity Sculpture Fest on the Mullum Sculpture Walk. Over five days nearly 30 sculptures of various types were shown for festival goers and local community. A highlight was the Castle of Dreams, pop-up museum of art from Mullum High school year 7 students. A benefactor provided funding for the acquisition of a selected work by local artist Jason Morning, Germination. Comprising four carved hardwood elements, this work will be installed on the Brunswick Terrace pending approval by Byron Shire Council’s Public Art Panel.
Several other works that appeared in the Ingenuity fest were retained for temporary installation for the three months following, works of sufficiently robust construction to endure the period: Mercedes Mambort's Tanjun Kantan, Suvira McDonald’s Yellow Glyphe and Thomas de Jong’s Un Ring. Pending the possible acquisition of Un Ring,  the sculpture will remain in place until the acquisition matter is finalised - at which point it will be permanently installed or removed.
Hopes are high for another Ingenuity Fest in 2019. Funding applications have been made and negotiations have started with festival partner Mullum Music Fest. This year Ingenuity Fest may be extended for the week after the music fest to give the sculptures a longer exposure and the local community longer access.

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